The eastern part of Indonesia has a variety of delicious snacks. One of the delicious foods from eastern Indonesia is the Bagea Cake. This food is a pastry made from sago starch and of course this food is a snack from Ternate, North Maluku. This Bagea cake has a shape resembling a tree trunk which is cut into pieces and is yellowish white, because it is mixed with walnuts. The manufacturing method is not too difficult, just beat the chicken eggs and sugar until thick, then add cinnamon, cloves, peanuts and walnuts.

When it is mixed, it can be shaped into a round shape and then baked. Apart from being a colorant, the walnuts in the recipe give Bagea Cake a special delight. The combination of all the ingredients creates a slightly harsh texture, but the taste can be addicting. If in the past this snack was wrapped in dry leaves, now it’s packed using cardboard.

This Bagea cake has a delicious taste to eat and this food is famous in the Maluku to Papua regions. This food can also be used as food by a typical person from the Maluku and Papua regions. So, are you interested in trying to eat these traditional foods? Come on, keep up with interesting article information from and visit Indonesia when you want to spend your best vacation time.