Indonesia has a variety of delicious culinary delights to eat. One of the delicious culinary delights from Indonesia is Aunu Senebre. Aunu senebre is a famous Papuan food and is so distinctive to culinary from the eastern plains of Indonesia. This food, which is easily found in Papua, has such a traditional appearance that anyone who eats it will feel a special sensation because this food is only found in Papua.

Aunu senebre itself is a simple snack made from processed fried anchovies and rice. After frying, the anchovies and rice are mixed with taro leaves and grated coconut. The mixture of the ingredients for making aunu senebre that has been fused is further processed by steaming. Once cooked, you can eat aunu senebre immediately with a plate of papeda or tubers. Aunu Senebre’s texture is not dry and tastes good.

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