Indonesia has a variety of delicious culinary delights. One of the culinary delights is Asar Fish. Asar Fish is a traditional food from Maluku which is processed by smoking. But don’t ask the taste, it’s delicious. The fish used are usually skipjack and tuna. Because the meat is more resistant during the process and after smoking.

Apart from being eaten on the spot, you can also make it a lunch or gift for your loved ones. Because the pickled fish has a durability of up to seven days. This snack is more harmonious when eaten with rice and sambal colo-colo (typical Maluku chili sauce).

The method of smoking is stabbed with bamboo. Fumigation usually takes only one hour. Usually when they are sold, the fish are still pricked by the bamboo.

Because the expiration date is relatively long, you can make it a souvenir after a vacation. No wonder this culinary is a must-have for tourists visiting Maluku. Interested? Try Enjoying Typical Indonesian Culinary Dishes and get interesting information from


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