In ancient times, there was a large kingdom called the Kahuripan Kingdom. However, to prevent the brotherhood war, the Kahuripan Kingdom was divided into two kingdoms, namely the Kediri Kingdom and the Jenggala Kingdom. One day before King Erlangga died, he ordered to reunite the two kingdoms.

Finally, the two kingdoms agreed to unite the two kingdoms by marrying off the Prince of the Kingdom of Jenggala, namely Raden Panji Asmarabangun. With the beautiful Princess Dewi Sekartaji from the Kingdom of Kediri.

However, the decision to marry Prince Raden Panji Asmarabangun to Putri Sekartaji was told by the stepmother of Putri Sekartaji. Because the second wife of the kingdom of Kediri wanted her own daughter to become Queen Jenggala. Finally, he planned to kidnap and hide Putri Sekartaji and her biological mother.

One day, Raden Panji came to the Kediri Kingdom to marry Dewi Sekartaji. However, Putri Sekartaji had disappeared. Knowing this, Prince Panji was very disappointed. However, Putri Sekartaji’s stepmother persuaded her to continue the marriage. Putri Sekartaji was replaced with her biological daughter, Intan Sari. However, the Prince immediately rejected the proposal.

Very disappointed, Prince Panji decided to look for Princess Sekar and her mother. He finally changed his name to Ande-ande Lumut. One day, he helped a grandmother who was in trouble named Mbok Randa. Finally, Mbok Randa adopted him as an adopted son and stayed at Mbok Randa’s house.

One day, Ande-ande Lumut asked his adoptive mother to announce that he was looking for a future wife. Many village girls around Dadapan village meet and propose to Ande-ande Lumut. However, there was no one he accepted to make his wife.

Meanwhile, Putri Sekar and her mother Candrawulan managed to break free from their stepmother’s confinement. They also sent messages via Doves to arrive at the King of the Kediri Kingdom. Knowing that Putri Sekar and her mother sent a letter. Intan Sari and her mother immediately fled.

Putri Sekar was very happy and intended to meet Prince Panji. However, he was disappointed because Prince Panji had already gone on a journey. He also decided to travel too to find Prince Panji.

One day, when Putri Sekar arrived at the house of a widow who had three beautiful daughters. The names of the three widows are, Klenting Merah, Kelentin Biru and Klenting Ijo. Finally, Putri Sekar changed her name to Klenting Kuning.

Hearing the news from Dadapan village, the news said that Mbok Randa had an adopted son, a very handsome young man whose face was Ande-ande Lumut. The good looks of Ande-ande Lumut are very well known to be a byword everywhere. Many girls come to Dadapan village to apply for Mbok Randa’s adopted son.

The news about Ande-ande Lumut looking for his wife was heard by the four beautiful girls. Finally, the widow ordered her children to go see Ande-Ande Lumut.

One day, they immediately left. However, they only left the three of them because Klenting Kuning had unfinished homework. The three of them preceded each other to be elected by Ande-ande Lumut. However, on the way they were very confused because they had to cross the river. In the midst of the confusion. Suddenly, appeared. The young man named Yuyu Kakang. He offered to take them across. However, Yuyu Kakang put forward one condition. “If you have crossed you, then allow me to kiss the three of you” at first they refused. However, because it was the only way they were forced to agree to these terms.

Arriving at mbok Randa’s house, they immediately introduced themselves one by one. Seeing the arrival of the three beautiful girls, he immediately called Ande-ande Lumut. However, he immediately rejected the three girls.

Meanwhile, after finishing his job Kleting Kuning. Kleting Kuning also intends to come to Dadapan village to meet Ande-ande Lumut. The desire was passed on to his adoptive mother. Kleting Kuning went to follow the other three Kleting. He arrived at the riverbank. He also felt confused to cross. However, Yuyu Kangkang again came to offer his help. Just like the three Klenting after being crossed, Klenting Kuning must be willing to be kissed. Klenring Kuning immediately climbed onto Yuyu Kangkang’s back.

After they arrived on the other side, Kleting Kuning opened the chicken droppings wrapped in banana leaves. He rubbed it on both cheeks. Yuyu Kangkang then collected the promise. Kleting Kuning immediately put on her cheek which was smeared with chicken droppings. Yuyu Kakang was angry and told him to leave immediately.

Ande-ande Lumut refuses to the three Klenting because they have been kissed by Yuyu Kangkang. Suddenly, Ande-ande Lumut was very surprised when he saw the arrival of Klenting Kuning. Mbok Randa was very surprised at the attitude of his adopted son. Many beautiful girls came to propose to him. However, he refused for various reasons. However, seeing Klenting Kuning, who was dressed very shabby and had a very smelly body, was greeted with a happy and radiant face.

Finally, Mbok Randa fell silent. He followed Ande-Ande Lumut to meet the girl. Meanwhile, Kleting Kuning was shocked to see that Ande-Ande Lumut was her fiancé, Raden Panji Asmarabangun.

Finally, in front of everyone, Klenting Kuning immediately transformed herself into Putri Sekartaji. Everyone was very surprised to see her very beautiful figure. The three adoptive brothers were very surprised when they found out that the figure they had been mistreating for so long was Putri Sekartaji.

Shortly thereafter, they were surprised by Ande-ande Lumut who opened himself up. He is none other than Prince Raden Panji. The two lovebirds are very happy to meet again. Finally, Raden Panji immediately took Putri Sekar and her adoptive mother Mbok Randa to the Jenggala Kingdom. They immediately got married. Finally, the Kediri and Jenggala Kingdoms were able to reunite.


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