Residents were shocked by the action of removing walls, tearing up the holy Koran, and cutting out the prayer rugs at Mushola Darussalam RT 05 RW 08, Perum Villa Tangerang Elok, Kutajaya Village, Pasar Kemis District, Tangerang Regency, Banten on Tuesday (29/9).

Indonesiar got the chronology of the incident and confirmed it by the Deputy for Information of the Regional Military Command (Wakapendam) Lt. Col. Audy Kumontoy. “The news is true, ask the Tangerang Metro Police for details, because it has been handled by the Tangerang Police,” said Audy when confirmed on Wednesday (30/9) morning WIB.

In the chronology received by Indonesiar, Second Lieutenant (Pelda) Kusdi and Muhardinata received information from residents of RT 05 RW 08 Villa Tangerang Elok about the incident that took place at the mosque at 15.30 WIB. Babinsa also suggested that the matter be reported to the Pasar Kemis Police.

Kapolsek Pasar Kemis and members arrived at the location and immediately processed the scene of the crime (TKP) at 16.30 WIB. They brought scrawled evidence of the Koran, shredded pieces of the Koran, cut pieces of a prayer mat, and used pill bottles to spray the walls.

Rifki Hermawan (16 years) first noticed this incident, who at around 15.30 WIB entered the Darussalam Musholla to carry out the call to prayer asr. Seeing the condition of the prayer room on the wall, there were lots of scribbles and cut out prayer mats, as well as many scribbles in the Koran, Rifki immediately reported Samsu Firman and Suhadi. The two of them also sealed the mosque entrances with the aim of securing evidence.

At 16.30 WIB, the Kapolsek of Pasar Kemis arrived at the location to carry out the crime scene processing and secure evidence. The police then ordered residents to clean up pilok graffiti on the walls, floors and calligraphy. “And then the process will be handled by the Pasar Kemis Police,” the chronology of the incident was.

That night, the perpetrator was arrested by the police.


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