In ancient times, there was a widow. He lives with his young son. They both live very simply in an old hut. Their residence was not far from the royal palace. Even though it is an old hut, it looks clean and well-maintained, the wood materials are also made of selected wood.

So is it no wonder that the old hut is safely adjacent to the royal palace? The hut is considered an antique that needs to be preserved. After all, it was only inhabited by a widow and her young child. Once a month the palace sends foodstuffs to support the survival of Sijanda and her child. The kingdom was ruled by a kind, wise, and wise king. The King is very close to his people. He wants to hang out with all circles. Both from the nobility and the common people. From the elderly to even small children.

Because of his kindness, the people really loved their king. Every afternoon, many young children play in the palace courtyard. Likewise with the widow’s child. Due to poverty, the child’s toy is only a mosquito tied with thread. Wherever the child went, he always carried the mosquito.

One day, because he was too busy playing in the palace yard. the poor widow’s son only realized when it was almost dark. For fear of being scolded by his mother, the boy wanted to hurry home. Before he returned to his hut, he had a chance to meet the king.

“Good king, I must go home immediately. Because if I am late to the house, my mother will surely be angry. Can I leave this mosquito in the palace? Tomorrow I will play here again, ”asked the boy with a pitiful face. “Yes, son. You can tie your mosquitoes to the front pillar of the palace, “said the king.

The next day the boy returned to the palace to play in the yard with his friends. However, his beloved mosquito was gone. He looked to the side, there was a rooster near the pole. He also thought that the rooster had eaten his beloved mosquito.

The boy immediately met the King. “Sire. the mosquito suddenly disappeared. It seems that the king’s rooster was eaten. “Then, you just take the rooster in exchange for the mosquito that he ate,” said the kindhearted king. “Thank you, Sire,” replied the boy

The boy returned to playing with his friends. Wherever he went, he always carried the chicken. He also tied the rooster with a rope. When he was playing, the rooster was released.

The boy then looked for his rooster. It turned out that the chicken went to the place of the mothers who were pounding rice with a mortar. Hungry, the chicken tried to peck the grains of rice in the mortar hole. Even though it had been driven out many times, the chicken still climbed into the mortar hole. Because it was annoyed, a mother hit the mortar against the chicken so that the chicken fell and floundered to the ground and died.

Seeing his chicken died, the boy was very sad and ran to meet the King. The king said, “Yes, you don’t cry anymore. Now, you take the mortar instead of your dead rooster, “

How happy the boy’s heart is. he intended. The mortar will later be given to the mother. Because it was already evening, he left the mortar to the king. “Rest the mortar under the tree in the palace yard,” said the king. The boy obeyed the king’s orders. He leaned his mortar under the tree.

The next day, the boy returned to the palace grounds to play. When he finished playing and was about to return to his hut, he remembered his mortar. The boy went to take his mortar. But, how shocked he was to see the condition of his dimples was not like when he left yesterday. The dimple has broken. In fact, next to the mortar was a very large jackfruit. The boy again reported to the king.

“Sire, my mortar was broken by a jackfruit,” he complained to the King. Smiling, the king said, “Then you take the jackfruit as a substitute for your broken mortar.” “Thank you, Sire. However, it was getting late, I could not bring the big jackfruit home. Can I leave the jackfruit at the palace. Tomorrow I will take it with my friends. “

The wise king said, “Then. Just put the jackfruit next to the palace kitchen door. ” The jackfruit was placed in the palace kitchen. The ripe jackfruit gives off a very tempting smell. After the boy left, the king’s daughter, who was the same age as the child, smelled a fragrant smell of jackfruit

Mmm… it smells really good. Wow, I really want to eat that jackfruit. But, where is the jackfruit located? Maybe auntie put it in the kitchen purposely kept it for me, “muttered the princess. The princess went to the kitchen looking for a jackfruit that smells good. She kept looking for the jackfruit. Finally, she saw a jackfruit that was very large and ripe beside the kitchen door.

“This is the jackfruit I was looking for,” said the princess, her eyes sparkling. He also ordered the palace maid to break the jackfruit. After the jackfruit was broken, the king’s daughter ate it until she was satisfied. She did not know that the jackfruit had an owner.

As usual the next day the boy played in the palace yard. That day he would take jackfruit with his friends. But the jackfruit was out of place. Then, he looked at the palace’s trash can. It turns out that a lot of jackfruit seeds and their skins are in the trash. The boy’s heart was disappointed again. His jackfruit has already been eaten by other people.

The boy faced the King. The King wisely said, “Never mind you do not be sad, because the jackfruit was eaten by my daughter, I will give my daughter to you.”

The child did not understand the king’s words because he was too young. However, when the boy had grown up and became a handsome young man, while the king’s daughter had become a beautiful girl, the king married them off. They live happily, their mother is also brought to the palace.


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