Suzuki Indonesia made a new decision to reduce production by 50 percent from normal conditions, this is related to the exposure of a number of employees to the Covid-19 virus. The reduction in production capacity this time was carried out at the Tambun I factory as a motorcycle assembly location since August 24, 2020 until conditions were already in place


Regarding this decision, Seiji Itayama, President Director of PT Suzuki Indomobil Motor / PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales said that currently at the Tambun I factory there are 71 employees exposed to Covid-19. His party is very concerned about employee health.

“Even though we have implemented strict protocols to prevent the spread of Covid19, this transmission cannot be avoided. For that, a reduction in production capacity must be done to break the chain of spreading the virus, “he said.

The 71 employees mentioned by Itayama are currently undergoing self-quarantine and some of them are receiving treatment at the hospital. Suzuki always coordinates and delivers the latest situation developments and its handling to the Bekasi Regency Covid-19 Task Force team. Suzuki has also made various precautionary measures and the actions recommended by the Covid-19 Task Force team.

These efforts include conducting a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test for all employees who have a history of interaction with exposed employees and a rapid test for all other Suzuki employees.

The factory and office areas are cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant regularly. Not to forget, the vehicles that have been assembled are cleaned and disinfected before being sent to customers. This is a Suzuki procedure that was carried out long before the pandemic.

In addition, monitoring of employee activities has also been tightened. Not only the application of physical distancing at work. Each employee is also required to provide a daily report to his supervisor regarding his / her health condition and activities carried out during work holidays. This is done to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus outside the workplace.

We carry out fast handling for both exposed employees and other employees. We have carried out recommendations from the Covid-19 Task Force team, including a rapid test for all employees without exception, “said Itayama.

According to the Covid-19 Task Force team, the cases that occurred at Suzuki most likely came from transmissions from outside the company. Suzuki plans to carry out a rapid test every 2 weeks to be able to detect symptoms early.

Because for Suzuki employee health is a priority. We hope that our 71 employees who are positive for Covid-19 will recover quickly and that no one is exposed again so that Suzuki can again provide the best service for consumers, “concluded Itayama.

Source : jawapos