Indonesia has a variety of distinctive drinks that have a sweet and refreshing taste in each region. This time we will discuss 7 typical Indonesian drinks from Kalimantan which are sweet and refreshing. Come on, listen to it!

1. Aloe Vera Ice

First, the most delicious typical Kalimantan drink is aloe vera ice. Aloe vera ice is a typical West Kalimantan drink to be precise in the city of Pontianak. Pontianak City is indeed the leading producer of aloe vera in Indonesia.

This is because the land in Pontianak, peat, is very suitable for cultivating this plant. It’s more delicious if you drink this aloe vera ice while enjoying it on the beach.

2. Ce Hun Tiaw

Ce Hun Tiaw is a typical drink of Chinese ethnic origin in West Kalimantan. In Chinese Tio Ciu, Ce means sweet potato, Hun is flour and Tiaw means an elongated block like noodles while Che is green.

Ce Hun Tiaw is a cendol drink that comes with a variety of toppings ranging from brown sugar, peanuts and bongko. This ice is perfect for relieving the heat of the day.

3. Es Teler Pontianak

Who can’t stand the fresh ice teler pontianak? If you like to eat fruit, this drink could be the right choice. Not only refreshing, but the Pontianak Ice Teler is a healthy snack, you know!

4. Kalimantan Sugar Cane Ice

This typical Kalimantan drink has always been the prima donna of the Pontianak people. If you are visiting the city of Pontianak, this sugarcane ice drink is very easy to find. The price offered is around Rp. 3000 to Rp. 5ooo.

Besides being fresh, sugarcane juice has very good benefits for the health of the body. Starting from increasing energy supply, fighting cancer, fighting dehydration, reducing the risk of kidney disease, and many more.

5. Tea Liang

Next, there is a typical drink from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, called Liang Teh. You can buy it on the side of the streets of Pontianak city. Liang or liong tea itself means cold, it means that it can relieve the heat that you are feeling.

This tea is actually made from steeping or boiling various herbs that are nutritious for health. Some of them are clam horse carts, cat whiskers, mint leaves and others. Tea burrows can be served with or without sugar, depending on your preference.

6. Ice Corn

Corn is usually processed into food, but in Pontianak this fruit can be made into a drink. Ice corn is very unique because it is made from young sweet corn. The corn is then boiled until soft and crispy.

The sweet corn juice will make this drink very delicious. This ice corn is usually served in a bowl with ice, a little sugar and sweetened condensed milk. A serving of iced corn costs around IDR 10,000.

7. Cendol and Cincau Typical Samarinda

You need to try this typical Samarinda drink. Here are cendol and grass jelly from Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Priced at Rp. 8 thousand to Rp. 10,000 per glass, this typical Samarinda drink can instantly freshen your throat.

The black grass jelly itself is shaped like a cake stick, the ingredients come from the juice of grass jelly leaves which is useful for heat. Meanwhile, the ingredients for the cendol drink itself are made from rice flour.

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