Indonesia has very interesting arts in every region. One of the areas in Indonesia that has art is the province of Central Java. Central Java has many unique and interesting arts. In Magelang Regency, there are three arts that are so popular. What are they?

1. Kubrosiswo

Kubrosiswo is an art that Sunan Geseng uses to attract public sympathy for Islam. This dance has a profound philosophy.

Kubrosiswo is considered to be a representation of the greatness of God’s power and a reminder of Muslims to balance the life of the world and the hereafter.

2. Jathilan

At first glance Jathilan looks like lumping horse art or kubrosiswo. However, if you pay attention, these two dances have different movements, lo. What is similar to the three is a trance attraction which makes the dancer eat unusual objects.

3. Mask Ireng

The Ireng Mask dance originates from silat movements. During the New Order era, some artists modified silat movements to look like dance movements.

Apart from the three arts, Magelang certainly still has dozens of arts that are no less beautiful. So, are you interested in trying to learn various Indonesian traditional arts? Come on, get interesting information from and visit Indonesia.


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