The Minister of State Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, Agus Gumiwang, revealed that 238 LG factory employees were known to have been exposed to Corona (COVID-19). Initially there were several LG employees confirmed Corona.

“Initially, there were 1 or 2 employees,” Agus told reporters, Tuesday (25/8/2020).

After that, the Bekasi Regency Government carried out tracing of all LG factory employees. As a result, hundreds of employees tested positive for Corona.

“Then conducted a test and trace by the Task Force, the results are 238 employees positive for COVID,” added Agus.

Agus emphasized that LG has stopped factory operations for the next 14 days. This is to reduce the spread of the Corona virus in industrial areas.

“In accordance with the health protocol in the Circular of the Minister of Industry No. 8, factories can take steps to handle any workers who are exposed to COVID-19. For the LG case, they decided to stop production for 14 days,” said Agus.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Bekasi Regency COVID-19 Task Force, Alamsyah, said something similar. He said that one of the LG factory employees who tested positive for Corona had died. It is said that the employee who died was one of the staff whose movements were mobile at the factory.

“The initial case was that a worker died on August 19 at the Pasar Rebo Hospital, East Jakarta, due to COVID-19. Then a mass PCR was carried out on Friday, because the deceased was one of the staff at the mobile office,” Alamsyah said when confirmed.

It is known, 238 LG employees have tested positive for Corona. The factory is located in the MM2100 area, Bekasi Regency. Until now, the Bekasi Regency Government is still tracing the spread of the virus in industrial areas.

Source : detik