Indonesia is a country that has a variety of traditional foods that have delicious flavors. From a variety of traditional Indonesian food there are 19 traditional Indonesian foods that we will inform you. What are these foods? Below are some of Indonesia’s traditional foods:

1. Satay

Who here doesn’t know the shape of the satay? Sate is skewered meat cooked on charcoal. These skewers usually use chicken, goat, rabbit, or other parts served with spicy peanut sauce.

However, meat is usually marinated in spices before cooking. The most delicious satay is usually eaten with lontong.

2. Gado-Gado

You could say, gado-gado is Indonesian salad. This typical Indonesian food consists of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, kale, spinach and bitter melon.

After that all the vegetables are served with fried tofu and tempeh then lontong. If you are a vegan you will definitely like this menu.

3. Gudeg

Furthermore, Indonesian specialties that have become internationally recognized food, namely, warm. This Yogyakarta specialty is a bit of anis because it uses sweet jackfruit as its main ingredient.

This fruit is boiled in a mixture of coconut milk, palm sugar, and a typical Yogyakarta bubu for several hours. After that, wait for a very soft dish. Gudeg will be served with some fried chicken or beef skin for a little extra protein.

4. Rendang

If you are a curry fan, you will definitely like this Indonesian specialty. This Indonesian food is more like beef curry, but without broth.

Rendang is made from beef that is slowly cooked in a coconut milk sauce and spices for several hours. This typical Padang food requires patience and skill when making it.

Guaranteed you must be addicted!

5. Pempek

This typical Indonesian food is said to have originated from a Chinese man who first served food in Palembang. Pempek is food made from fish and tapioca flour.

This delicious and inexpensive meal is available in various sizes and contents. The most popular variation ordered by visitors is the submarine pempek type which contains eggs.

Don’t forget to eat pempek, you have to add the pempek sauce!

6. Nasi Rawon

Furthermore, another typical Indonesian food is rawon rice. Nasi rawon is a dish made from boiled beef from East Java. Rawon has a spicy taste and deep black color from the use of keluak nuts. This dish will give you a delicious spicy taste like no two!

7. Mie Aceh

As the name suggests, this noodle comes from Aceh because it has become a typical Acehnese food. This noodle has a thick texture and is mixed with sliced ​​meat and strong spices.

There are two types of Aceh noodles, namely, fried and boiled or sauteed. Serve Acehnese noodles with additional seafood such as crab, shrimp, or squid.

8. Bika Ambon

This particular Indonesian food is called Bika Ambon. They originally came from North Sumatra which are widely sold in the city of Medan as souvenirs. This bika Ambon cake is yellow in color and has a soft and sweet texture.

9. Bangka noodles

This Bangka regional specialty, of course, is made from noodles. It is served by mixing it with a sauce made from fish, shrimp or squid spices, and sprinkled with sprouts and cucumber.

10. Seriut

This typical Lampung food is made from grilled fish and served with chili paste or tempoyak or mango. If you are visiting Lampung, there is nothing wrong with tasting this culinary treat.

11. Egg crust

This typical Indonesian food is owned by the Betawi people. This traditional food is a kind of fried rice cooked on charcoal and made from sticky rice and eggs. This omelet-shaped dish is usually filled with fried onions and grated coconut.

12. Serabi

Serabi is a typical West Java food that has a sweet taste. Made from roasted rice flour. And also now equipped with a variety of delicious and tempting toppings.

13. Taliwang chicken

This West Nusa Tenggara regional specialty is made from chicken. The chicken meat is grilled with dried red chilies, shallots, garlic, tomatoes, fried shrimp paste, kencur, brown sugar and salt. Served with additional seasonings, and additional menus such as plecing kale.

14. Juhu Singkah

This food originating from Central Kalimantan is a typical Dayak food. Has its own special food which is named Juhu Singkah. Is a food made from rattan umbut mixed with betok fish.

15. Chicken Cincane

Another typical Indonesian food that tastes overseas is cincane chicken. This cincane chicken uses a special red spice which tastes very special. Guaranteed you must be addicted!

16. Soka crab

Soka crab is a typical food of North Kalimantan.

Yes, you can eat all the parts of this crab down to its shell.

Because the whole of this soft shell crab is so soft.

17. Oxtail Soup

Oxtail soup is one of the most delicious meat soups. This typical Indonesian food is often found in West Java. Its contents consist of slices of beef tail that are fried or grilled in a clear sauce. This dish is generally seasoned with shallots, garlic, pepper, nutmeg and cloves.

Apart from beef tail, this oxtail soup also consists of several delicious vegetables that can be added such as boiled potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, celery, leeks and shallots. For a really refreshing taste, squeeze a little lemon or lime over the oxtail soup.

18. Soup Konro

Furthermore, konro soup is a specialty of South Sulawesi. However, nowadays it has become a mainstay of cuisine for Indonesians. This soup consists of beef ribs served in a brown sauce.

19. Beef Meatballs

Beef meatball is one of the best street foods in Indonesia whose name goes overseas. Usually this dish is made from chicken or beef and even a combination of both. You can serve it with some egg noodles, rice noodles, boiled eggs, tofu, and some chilies and fried onions.

Hopefully this information can add to your reference regarding the variety of delicious Indonesian culinary delights. Come on, get interesting information from



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