Indonesia has a wealth of cultural and ethnic groups. One of the tribes in Indonesia is the Javanese. The Javanese tribe is the largest tribe in Indonesia. The Javanese tribe has a lot of cultural and traditional wealth. One of the Javanese culture known is Trah. What is a breed?

Trah is a group of individuals who have kinship (genealogy) with each other. There is a genealogical book / record that is usually used as a reference to show this kinship relationship.

These kinship relationships are sometimes not only biological but also social, in the sense that members are appointed (because of a second marriage or adoption, for example) even though they are not biologically related.

The Trah culture in the Javanese tribe has several names in the lineage. The following is a rest for hereditary breeds in Javanese culture.

  1. 1st lineage. Child
  2. 2nd lineage. Putu, in Indonesian is called “cucu”
  3. 3rd lineage. Buyut (Great-grandfather) , in Indonesian is called “cicit”
  4. 4th lineage. Cangghah
  5. 5th lineage. Wareng
  6. 6th lineage. Udhek-Udhek
  7. The 7th lineage. Gantung Siwur
  8. The 8th lineage. Gropak Senthe
  9. The 9th lineage. Debog Bosok
  10. The 10th lineage. Galih Asem
  11. The 11th lineage. Gropak Waton
  12. The 12th lineage. Cendheng
  13. The 13th lineage. Giyeng
  14. The 14th lineage. Cumpleng
  15. The 15th lineage. Ampleng
  16. 16th lineage. Menyaman
  17. 17th lineage. Menya-menya
  18. The 18th lineage. Trah tumerah.

So, the Javanese have a Trah culture in their family culture. Apart from that, the Javanese are very strong in holding the Trah culture and usually many are from the Kraton family or are of royal descent.

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