Tongseng is a kind of curry with sharper spices. The most difference is the use of the meat. Tongseng is made using meat that is still attached to the bones, especially the ribs and spine.

Tongseng generally uses goat meat, although there are also beef tongseng, pork, dog or buffalo meat. In addition, add vegetables such as cabbage, garlic, tomatoes and soy sauce to the thick sauce. The marinade is stir-stir consisting of a mixture of salt, garlic, soy sauce, and pepper.

Usually tongseng is sold together with goat satay. Tongseng is considered a specialty of the Solo, Magelang and surrounding areas, but there are also variations of shredded beef Tongseng tofu in Kebumen or SengSu (Tongseng Asu) in Yogyakarta.

So, have you ever tried to enjoy various types of culinary called Tongseng? Come on, if you go there, please try enjoying the Tongseng food.

Source : Creative Team Indonesiar


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