Angelo Ngalngola, a priest from the Blessed Sacrament Missionaries of Charity (BSMC) of the Philippines, is suspected of sexually abusing a number of children at the Kencana Bejana Rohani Orphanage in Depok. He launched the action while the victim was fast asleep.

Simeon – not his real name – claimed to have been molested by Angelo in 2018. He was fast asleep when Angelo suddenly was beside him. Simeon woke up but fell unconscious after Angelo sprayed liquid on his face.

“It smells like betel, but I’m sure it’s not betel,” he said in the Monday edition of Tempo Magazine, August 24, 2020. After waking up, Simeon found out that he had been harassed by Angelo.

Lukman – the pseudonym of a resident of Kencana Bejana Rohani – had witnessed Angelo’s actions twice. In late 2016, for example, he saw a new foster child living in the orphanage molested by Angelo. Lukman, who watched from the second floor foyer, said the victim looked weak when Angelo acted.

In addition, Lukman had seen Angelo harass another victim by peeking through the blanket. It so happened that Lukman slept with the victim close together. He saw Angelo wearing a brother’s robe, wearing a mask, and spraying liquid on a towel, then covering the face of his victim. “After that, there was no resistance at all,” he said.

Angelo was arrested by the police on September 14, 2019. After becoming a suspect, he was detained for almost three months at the Depok Police. However Angelo was free on December 9, 2019.

Head of the Depok Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Commissioner Wadi Sabani, argued that his party had difficulty investigating the abuse case because a number of witnesses were silent. Until Angelo was released, the police only once examined witnesses, victims and whistleblowers.

Source : Tempo